StepManiaX Content Update #28

 Jun 30, 2022    Crevolous    StepManiax

Greetings boy and girls and welcome to the latest update for Pump Pro+. While there isn't a ton of Pump It Up news at the moment, we do have an update of sorts regarding the mobile game, Pump It Up: M. According to a source at Andamiro, the game and its online service are set to be shutdown today. The Pump It Up: M development team thanks all its players for being a part over the last two and a half years since the game's release and did mention its shutdown is to make way for a different Pump It Up related release. If this is the case, we will bring you all the updates concerning this new project when and if it happens.

In Other Site News: The 28th content update for the StepManiaX has been released. Much like other recent content updates, this update brings five new songs to the game, one of which is a K-Pop song. We have included the video for the content update above, as well as outlining the songs themselves in the table below. Are you excited about this update and if so, what do you like about it the most? In a bit of other site news, I am continuing to update the website in small ways concerning step chart and song data. Thanks to VKim's YouTube Channel, I have not only been able to add accurate song and step chart data, but I have been able to link to videos of step charts recorded on official hardware. I greatly appreciate the hard work Vincent has put in and it is my hope that in time Pump Pro+ will be the most accurate Pump It Up website when it comes to this type of data. I have also began adding In The Groove and In The Groove 2 data as a number of songs from those games have crossed over into Pump It Up and StepManiaX. It is my hope to add StepManiaX data to the site and then eventually expand into other dance games *cough*Dance Dance Revolution*cough* someday down the road. Until then, stay tuned and thank you for your continued support.

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