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A Special Thanks to Many

What This Page Is About

This page is dedicated solely to those who without their help would make Pump Pro+ only a dream. The people below are dear to my heart and I appreciate all the insight and help they have given me over the years it has taken to get the site and project going.

Staff Members

A big thanks to all the staff members of Pump Pro+ past and present. This includes all contributors to full-time staff members. Thanks to (in no particular order): Anthony Meszaros, Christopher Cortes, Hudson Felker, Victor Osceola, J.P. Leal, and Nico Muriel.

Special Thanks

A huge thanks goes out to three people in particular. The first goes to my Dad, Keith Bruno for all his help in constructing the web site with me. His knowledge of ASP has helped me greatly in making the site what it is today. I'd also like to thank him for allowing me to host Pump Pro+ on one of our servers, especially since it takes up so much room. Thanks Dad, I truly appreciate you.

I would also like to thank Daniel Mumbert for opening up his home to the Pump Pro+ Staff so we can test our simfiles on his personal machine. Dan, you are truly an awesome, down-to-earth guy and we really appreciate you. Thank you so much for all the times we have been able to play Pump at your place.

The last person I would like to thank is Jason "Wolfman2000" Felds. Thank you so much for your help with edit content and allowing me to share content with you. I hope that we can meet one day and play a few rounds of Pump together. Thanks so much!


I'd also like to thank both Andamiro and Fun In Motion for creating two beautiful games that I hope to enjoy for many more years to come. The Pump Pro+ Staff will continue to support both Pump It Up franchises and hope to see more as time goes on.

Lastly, I would like to thank Pump Haven and and various YouTube users for their help in providing transcribed content. Without the dedication of so many Pump It Up players and websites like Pump Haven, Pump Pro+ would be hard pressed for content.