Crevolous Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.04
Posted By: Crevolous | 5/30/2017
Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.04

New Songs

  1. Song: Good Night
    Artist: Dreamcatcher
    BPM: 196
    Default Step Chart: S03, S05, S09, S17, D05, D19
    Unlocked Step: S20, S23, D22, D24
  2. Song: Allegro Furioso
    Artist: DM Ashura
    BPM: 176
    Default Step Chart: S05, S10, S13, S17, D14
    Unlocked Step: S20, D20
  3. Song: Super Stylin'
    Artist: Warak
    BPM: 146
    Default Step Chart: S07, S09, S11, S17, D09, D12
    Card Only Step: D??
  4. Song: Redline
    Artist: Archefluxx
    BPM: 170
    Default Step Chart: S05, S10, S16, D13, D20
  5. Song: PRIME 2 Opening (Short Cut)
    Artist: MAX
    BPM: 145
    Default Step Chart: S07, S12, S17, D18

New Step Charts

  1. Song: Slam
    Artist: Novasonic
    BPM: 132
    Step Chart: D23
  2. Song: Enhanced Reality
    Artist: Matduke
    BPM: 175
    Step Chart: S16, D18 (6th U.C.S Contest Winner's Step - Unlock)
  3. Song: Oh! Rosa!
    Artist: BanYa
    BPM: 148
    Step Chart: Co-op 02

Item Shop Open

- Item shop page is opened in official website.
- You can buy unlock steps and avatar using PP in the Item Shop
- Item Shop is available by logging into your account.

Bug Fixing

Minor bug fixing