Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 2.03 Announced!

 Apr 24, 2018    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Salutations and greetings everyone! On Monday April 23, Andamiro released a new teaser trailer for the upcoming patch for Pump It Up: PRIME 2. Version 2.03 is set to be released on April 30th and will feature four new original songs, plus a crossover tune from EZ2A. The patch will include a new Quest Chapter and minor bug fixes. Below is a table of the new songs included in the released.

Passing Ridermzet:-P175Original
Gothique ResonanceP4Koo174Xross

Are you looking forward to this upcoming patch? What would you like to see in future patches? Let your voice be heard on our Facebook page and share your opinion with us! Until next time fellow Pumpers!