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Crevolous One "Bad Apple!!" Ruins It All
Posted By: Crevolous | 7/3/2017 6:35:44 PM

Salutations and happy Monday to all! Today our team has uploaded a new simfile requested by one of our Facebook page fans a few weeks back. What is today's upload you ask? Well, today Bad Apple!! feat. Nomico from Pump It Up: PRIME. Our version of the simfile comes with most of its original charts, plus two new ones created by our staff that round it off. Always wanted to play a co-op for this chart? We got you covered along with a Half-Double too. Look for it in the PRIME section of the simfiles page and let us know what you think.

In Other Site News: Our website staff is and has been a part of many Stepmania-based projects including but not limited to Rave It Out and Pump It Up: Infinity. We love being a help to the community and find great joy in working on both official and fan projects. Pops (known as A. DiPasqua) and I have been working with a portion of the StepF2 team to bring existing and new content to their next patch, version 1.15. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled here and on the official StepF2 website for more information concerning when the patch will be available. Until next time fellow Pumpers!