Pop Sequence & Night Duty Charts

 Apr 04, 2021    Crevolous    PIU

Another day, another set of step chart videos making their debut on the official Pump It Up YouTube channel. This time around we have received the charts for Pop Sequence and Night Duty. "Pop Sequence" is full of surprises and brings us both a Single and Double Performance charts that are sure to frustrate players for some time to come. On the other hand, "Night Duty" finally makes its transition from Fiesta EX Quest Zone to the arcade song wheel, not including its appearance in Pump It Up: Infinity. The charts for "Night Duty" seem to fit in well and the S17 originally in the Fiesta EX Quest Zone returns. I have taken the time to outline the songs and their charts in a table below. Now we await Crossing Delta to make its premiere, as well as any information on what additional charts will be added for existing songs. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

PLEASE NOTE: An asterisk "*" denotes the chart is either a Single or Double Performance chart.

Pop SequenceHommarju1100507111518*121922*
Night DutyA.V.14003060914170815


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