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Crevolous NX Absolute Updates
Posted By: Crevolous | 10/2/2017 9:04:40 PM

Hello boys and girls! We hope you are all safe and sound and having a great start to your week. Tonight we have re-uploaded a few simfiles from NX Absolute that are re-synced, have new charts and high-quality background videos too. Here are a few of the simfiles we have re-uploaded along with their new content if any. It is our sincere hope you all will take the time to re-download these files as they are much better quality, feature new charts and prove our dedication to PRO standards.

F05AdiosEun Ji Won123
F01Blaze EmotionYahpp170
F21Breakin' LoveSteve Yoo102
F02Cannon X.1Yahpp185
F09ChocolateBanana Girl130
F15Digan lo que DiganNina Pilots162
F27Do It!House Rulez129
F07I am Your GirlS.E.S101.814
F24K.O.A -Alice in Wonderworld-BanYa Production156
F08Only YouNamola Family108
F20USuper Junior M115

In Other Site News: While uploading new content to the site has been sluggish, A. DiPasqua and I have been hard at work creating new content for the upcoming Nostalgia Pack part 2. Parts 1 and 2 will contain over 95% of our step charts, plus new ones that are exclusive to the pack and the pack only. The pack is slated to have nearly 2,000 charts total is expected to be released some time in November. We will continue to keep all of you updated on this joint venture. Until next time fellow Pumpers!