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Crevolous We Are Going Up!
Posted By: Crevolous | 4/12/2017 7:13:07 PM
Up Up

Recently our development team has received requests on our Facebook Page for a handful of songs from various mixes. We love our fans and always appreciate their feedback. To show our appreciation for all of our website users and Facebook fans, we are releasing our second requested simfile. Tonight we have uploaded Up Up from Pump It Up: ZERO. It comes with all of its original difficulties, plus a Half-Double written by website contributors A. Bruno & A. DiPasqua. Make sure to check it out and leave us your thoughts.

In Other Site News: Thanks to the StepF2 Team we have been able to upload all of the background videos for the songs from Pump It Up: Jump! These background videos are direct rips from the hard drive and are in the same format as songs from Pro and Pro 2. Make sure to head over to the Jump! simfiles section and download these background videos today!