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Crevolous Get Ready to Say "Adios"
Posted By: Crevolous | 9/14/2017 10:11:08 AM

Good morning folks and welcome to the latest update for Pump Pro+! At this time we are focusing on some of our older content from Pump It Up: NX Absolute. We are actually working on bringing a simfile we currently do not have on the site from NXA while reshaping some that we do. Today brings another re-upload, this time for Eun Ji Won's Adios. When this song came out, it was one that was overly played because of its fun Crazy chart. Website contributor A. Bruno has put off making a Half-Double for this song for quite a few years. However, he has finished his chart and re-uploaded the simfile with a better sync and high-quality background video. Make sure to check it out and re-download both files. Until next time fellow Pumpers!