We Want to Play YOUR UCS Charts!

 Nov 13, 2020    Crevolous    Misc.    Comments

We Want to Play YOUR UCS Charts

Greetings Pump It Up fans. We at Pump Pro+ hope you are doing well and staying safe during these strange times. In an effort to help build our community, we have decided to open ourselves up to playing your creations and upload them to our YouTube channel. In order to keep things nice and tidy, we have created a Google form in both English and Spanish. Please use the previous links to submit your UCS charts and make sure to keep a look out on our YouTube channel for your charts. We may even make this into a contest of sorts, so please make sure to keep up with all our latest updates for more information. At the moment we are accepting Single, Double, Single Performance and Double Performance charts between level 01 and 20. Thank your for your support and until next time, take care!

This website is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please support Andamiro and Pump It Up by playing official releases at your local arcade.