Pump It Up: XX Ver. 2.04 Released!

 Aug 28, 2020    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Pump It Up: XX Ver. 2.04

Salutations and happy Friday fellow Pump It Up fanatics. Yesterday the final patch for Pump It Up: XX was released bringing a number of new songs and charts to the game. We have been keep tracking of all the content released in this patch and logged each new chart into our massive database. If you would like to learn more about the contents of this patch, please make sure to check out our article detailing Pump It Up: XX Ver. 2.04. As XX comes to a close and a new game sits on the other side of the horizon, I would like to congratulate all of my fellow step makers who contributed Double Performance charts to the game. I am very grateful to have been a small part of the game and it has a been an absolute joy working with all of you. Thank you for your contributions and thank you to Macnom for allowing us to this opportunity. Until next time fellow Pumpers!