StepManiaX Content Update #20

 Oct 23, 2021    Crevolous    StepManiax

Salutations and greetings fellow Pump It Up fans. While we are a little late to the party, we did want to bring you some information regarding the latest content update for StepManiaX. Content update number 20 came out a little over two weeks ago and introduced the following songs to the game. We have outlined the new content in the table below. If you'd like to learn more, please watch the video embedded above. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

403 (Tokyo 2021)NAOKI Underground160
Disco HighUltimate Heights130
Follow My PampAndrea Damante feat. Adam Clay126
Robot WorldOscillator X130
Saber DanceQuiqman175
Say Na Na NaSerhat118
Watch OutVictoria106


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