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Crevolous Going Tek in the Club
Posted By: Crevolous | 8/25/2017 1:16:33 PM

There are some who believed it couldn't be done, but our team says otherwise. Tek -Club Copenhagen- is a simfile requested by one of our Facebook page fans some months back and after putting off it is finally available on the site. Our version of the simfile is a bit different in the fact that it doesn't have its hardest chart. However, our team has delivered a suitable version of the song which has two new charts to better fill the gaps. A big thanks goes out to both Archvile for creating the Single 8 and Half-Double 11 for this song as well as Gyo* for helping us with the song's banner. As always, make sure to grab the song's high-quality background video.

In Other Site News: Some time back, Pump It Up: Infinity and Rave It Out step chart artist A. Vitug gave me an archive filled with unused Routine charts for songs found in Infinity. I have been slowly uploading these charts a few at a time and today I bring two that I think you will enjoy. The first is a Pro Level 10 co-op for Dance With Me. Secondly, I have added Mr. Vitug's routine for Feels Just Like That Night as well. I am hoping to transplant both of these charts as edits sometime in the near future. If you would like to see a preview of these charts, please watch the videos below. Until next time fellow Pumpers!