Pump It Up: M ver. 1.48 Simfiles

 Sep 14, 2020    Crevolous    Simfiles    Comments

Hey there boys and girls, Crevolous here with something new for all of you. If you're looking for the latest Pump It Up content for StepF2/P1, please make sure to give The Resistance Simfiles some love over on their official Facebook page. They put out some of the best, if not the best Pump It Up simfiles on the Internet and I cannot recommend them enough. In fact, our step making team has made many charts for their Pump It Up: XX content which can be found in both StepF2/P1 and StepPrime. They just released content for both Pump It Up: M ver. 1.48 and Pump It Up: XX ver. 2.04, so please go and give them your support! Until next time fellow Pumpers.