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Crevolous Updates Galore!
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/9/2018 3:46:48 PM

It's another day and our step making team has been hard at work revising some of our older content that was in desperate need of polishing. Today we have re-uploaded the following songs with either touched up or added charts. Please note the majority of these songs have been re-synced and their background videos have been uploaded if they were missing before.

Caprice of OtadaBanYa ProductionAdded Custom Routine & Video
Get Your Groove OnBanYaCrazy Ver. 2
HayugaTaijiboysNightmare Ver. 2
Kitty CatCoconutAdded Pro 2 Routine
Monkey FingersBanYaAdded Pro 2 Routine & Video
Mr. LarpusBanYaRe-synced - Added Pro 2 Routine

In the next few days we will be re-uploading more polished content. Most of the revised content will contain either completely new charts or charts that they are currently missing. For now, stay tuned and keep it right here. Until next time fellow Pumpers!