Pump It Up: 3rd Contents Creation Contest

 Jan 30, 2020    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Hello boys and girls and welcome to another update for Pump Pro+! The official Facebook page for the Pump It Up: Contents Creation Contest has put up all the content submitted for the contest. As of right now, 10 characters and 20 songs have been submitted and all the entries are fantastic. Please take a look at their page and cast your votes! I have added the characters below for easy observation. We at Pump Pro+ would like to wish each artist the best luck in the contest and can't wait to see which ones win the competition!

01Yo! Say!! Fairy!!!MYUKKE.Link
02FORViDDEN ENERZY -Fataldoze-Reku MochizukiLink
05Once The Stars AlignAethralLink
06prayerA Ki feat 三七Link
07HarmagedonHyuN vs lixoundLink
08the reverieumaLink
09Simon Says, EURODANCE!! (feat. Sara☆M)「Jehezukiel☆KAZEMURA☆HideKy」Link
11Flashy K!ngU-hey SetaLink
12Barber's MadnessKlass ELink
13Little MunchkinCastelliaLink
14Le Nozze di Figaro ~Celebrazione Remix~Sr. Lan BelmontLink
16Turkish MaddnessSound SoulerLink
17Glitch ClusterripeLLink
18Cry of Pain (feat. A.Dokuga)いぬみぎLink
19Pixel SystemD_AANLink