Official Pump It Up YouTube Channel & Korean Location Testing

 Dec 14, 2018    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Andamiro has recently created an official YouTube channel for Pump It Up and has been uploading videos showcasing footage from Pump It Up: XX. One of the videos uploaded to the channel is the song list for the game for location testing in Korea. It should be noted it is not known whether the song list is final and what songs in fact have been removed from the game. At this time, the video shows most K-Pop and World Music titles have been removed from most previous mixes and it is unknown whether they will return when the game is officially released next month. The video also shows the new channels in which songs can be found with 1st to Perfect Collection being bundled together along with Extra through Prex 3 and Fiesta through Fiesta 2. It is thought some of the missing songs were not licensed for the testing build of the game and may reappear once the game is released as songs from both Prime 2 and XX are not present.

The song list also provides evidence of originals that have been revived (An Interesting View, Can Can, Close Your Eyes, Jump and With My Lover) and songs now available in the international version that were region exclusives in Prime 2 [Hush and Hush (Full Song)].

Lastly, a video of the game being tested in Korea was uploaded showing off more of the game's songs, charts, and interface 13 hours ago as of this posting. This build of the game seems to be online and shows lock icons on charts not yet available to play. For further details, check out the video embedded above and as always, let us know what you think!