QERP - Episode 3 (Ready. Game. Begin)

 Oct 26, 2020    Crevolous    Misc.

Greetings everyone and welcome to the next exciting update for Pump Pro+. Over the weekend I had the honor of sitting down with local gaming center owner and operator Robin Cox. Robin is an advent dance game player specializing in StepManiaX and is passionate about strengthening the dance and rhythm game community in the Central Florida area. I am very excited to share the third episode of The Quintessential Rhythm Podcast with all of you and it is my hope you will enjoy it. If you happen to enjoy this episode, please make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more and enable the bell to receive notifications concerning new uploads. If you would like to learn more about Ready Game Begin, please visit the Ready Game Begin Facebook page and give them a like. As always, thank you for your continued support and take care.


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