Pump It Up: XX Ver. 2.03 Trailer Released!

 Jun 11, 2020    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Salutations and happy Thursday fellow Pumpers. Earlier today, the official Pump It Up YouTube channel released a full-sized trailer for content showcasing Pump It Up: XX version 2.03. The trailer brings us a number of songs, all of which we have outlined in a table below. The video also promises to expand the Mission Zone and introduce new avatars for the player to use. Look forward to the patch to make its debut later this month on June 25th. We will bring more details as they come within the next couple of weeks.

Gotta GoChunga Ha102K-Pop
Iolite SkyDoin90Original
La Cinquantaine (Part of the Memories #2)Pory164Original
Cutie SongMemme174Xross
Broken KarmaQuree180World Music
Good Bye (Full Song)Hong Jinyoung139K-Pop
Nekkoya (Pick Me) (Full Song)Produce 48128K-Pop
I Want U (Short Cut)MAX156Original