Crossing Delta & Hidden Charts Appear!

 Apr 05, 2021    Crevolous    PIU

Happy Monday fellow Pump It Up fanatics and welcome to the next update for Pump Pro+. Earlier this evening, the last remaining charts for the new songs in the upcoming patch for Pump It Up: XX were uploaded to the official Pump It Up YouTube channel. As always, I have added the charts to our expansive database in case you'd like to take a look using our song search page. At this point it is unclear whether or not the step making team will add additional charts to existing songs, but we will know more once the update is released. We will continue to bring you further updates as they come, but until now, please check out our table below for the latest additions. Until next time!

PLEASE NOTE: An asterisk "*" denotes the chart is either a Single or Double Performance chart.

Crossing Delta
HarmagedonHyuN vs. Lixound194????
Slapstick Parfaitt+pazolite160????
Paved GardenGinkiha187????????
Pop SequenceHommarju110????
Crossing DeltaT+Pazolite + Ginkiha + Hommarju180????????*
Night DutyA.V.140????


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