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Crevolous And You Know We're So "Fly"
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/29/2018 7:24:36 PM

Salutations and happy Monday to one and all. Tonight we have re-uploaded an older simfile to the website that is one of my personal favorites from Pump It Up: EXCEED 2. Lexy's Greenhorn is a smooth K-Pop tune that won over the hearts of many players way back in 2004 with its solid beat and fantastic rapping feats. Not only have we re-synced this file bringing it up to par with its StepF2 counterpart, but we have also added a groovy Routine chart written by ElEson. This chart and more can also be found in the Nostalgia Pack if you're into StepF2. As always, make sure to re-download this simfile and let us know what you think!