Pump It Up: XX Ver. 1.02 Teaser Trailer Released!

 Apr 18, 2019    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Salutations and happy Thursday everyone! Andamiro has released a teaser trailer for the next patch for Pump It Up: XX. The new trailer promises a handful of new songs, some of which are very impressive in my humble opinion. For more information regarding the newest additions, please see the table below. As per usual, the new patch brings more quest charts to challenge players. Look forward to the patch being released a week from today and keep supporting the world's finest dance simulation game!

Time for the Moon NightGFriend170K-Pop
Rage of FireMax155Xross
You and IDreamcatcher194K-Pop
Meteo5ciencePaul Bazooka140Original
Allegro Con Fuoco - Full Song -DM Ashura156World Music