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Crevolous We Have a "Slight" Update
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/15/2018 5:05:09 PM

Hello everyone and welcome back to another fun and exciting update for Pump Pro+! Today our small team of step makers have uploaded a new simfile from Pump It Up: NX Absolute. Today's entry is a K-Pop tune that was around for a couple of mixes before being shelved like so many K-Pop songs of the past. Slightly by 45RPM comes with all of its original charts, plus two new ones made exclusively for the upcoming Nostalgia Pack. We have been allowed to use the new Hard and Half-Double difficulties for our version of the simfile thanks to long-time website contributor, A. DiPasqua. Our version also comes with a number of charts from WorldMax as edits for the song that can be played in your favorite version of StepMania. Make sure to check this new simfile out and as always, let us know what YOU think!

Crevolous We're Always On Your Side
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/12/2018 6:46:19 PM
On Your SideKay Kent128EZNormHDCZHDBFSNM

Good evening everyone and welcome to the next heart-racing update for Pump Pro+! While we may not be the heartthrobs of any of our users, we do have an update that we think you all will enjoy. Tonight we have re-uploaded Kay Kent's On Your Side from Pump It Up: The Premiere 3. The revised version of this simfile comes with all of its original difficulties, plus two new charts that can be found in the upcoming Nostalgia Pack for StepF2 debuting later this year. Make sure to grab it as it has been re-synced as well. Keep Pumping It Up!

Crevolous Let's Take a Dive!
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/11/2018 1:40:39 AM
Fiest A Macaren Pt 1DJ Paula130.5EZNormHDCZHDBFSNM

Howdy there everyone and welcome back to yet another update for our little website. Today our team brings you a brand new simfile, Fiest A Macarena from The Premiere 3. Our version includes all of the song's original charts from the game, plus a new Crazy and Nightmare written by Funbox and JesP respectively. You can find both of these new charts in the upcoming Nostalgia Pack coming out later this year. In the meantime, please enjoy these new additions and leave us your feedback.

Crevolous Updates Galore!
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/9/2018 3:46:48 PM

It's another day and our step making team has been hard at work revising some of our older content that was in desperate need of polishing. Today we have re-uploaded the following songs with either touched up or added charts. Please note the majority of these songs have been re-synced and their background videos have been uploaded if they were missing before.

Caprice of OtadaBanYa ProductionAdded Custom Routine & Video
Get Your Groove OnBanYaCrazy Ver. 2
HayugaTaijiboysNightmare Ver. 2
Kitty CatCoconutAdded Pro 2 Routine
Monkey FingersBanYaAdded Pro 2 Routine & Video
Mr. LarpusBanYaRe-synced - Added Pro 2 Routine

In the next few days we will be re-uploading more polished content. Most of the revised content will contain either completely new charts or charts that they are currently missing. For now, stay tuned and keep it right here. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Crevolous The Caprice Has Returned!
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/9/2018 2:35:55 AM
Caprice of OtadaBanYa Production160EZNormHDCZHDBFSNMRT

Salutations fellow Pumpers and welcome to another fantastic update for Pump Pro+. This morning we have re-uploaded a simfile from Pump It Up: NX2 we have had on the website for some time now. Caprice of Otada first premiered back in 2007 as an original song that still shows up in current mixes today. A number of new charts have been added over the years, including a S19 in a recent update for PRIME 2. Our version of the simfile includes a new Normal chart, plus an original Routine especially made for the upcoming Nostalgia Pack Part 2. Make sure to re-download this file and leave us you comments. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Crevolous It's Friday, So Let's "Bar Bar Bar"
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/5/2018 10:16:27 AM
Bar Bar Bar
Bar Bar BarCrayon Pop134EZNormHDCZHDBFSNM

Happy Friday everyone and welcome to the latest update for Pump Pro+! Today our little development team brings a new simfile from Pump It Up: PRIME that was requested sometime ago: Bar Bar Bar. This is a wacky K-Pop tune by the colorful Korean girl group Crayon Pop and features a number of charts, including a three player co-op. Our version of the simfile comes with most of its charts, plus a high-quality background video as usual. I would also like to thank Gyo* for his help with the banner for this simfile and we at Pump Pro+ wish him the best during his time of hardship. We love you Gyo* and we couldn't do this without you! Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Crevolous Throw'em Up & Dance
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/2/2018 11:01:39 AM
Throw'em UpAndrew Kim100.2EZNormHDCZHDBFSNM

Howdy everyone and welcome to the first official update of the year for Pump Pro+! Today our team brings an updated simfile that hasn't received much love since it was first updated a few years back. Andrew Kim's Throw'em Up is a slow Hip-Hop tune that was only around for a number of mixes before being cut in FIESTA 2010. Our much needed revised version of the simfile comes with a new single chart as well as a Half-Double chart both written by long-time website contributor, A. DiPasqua. As a result of the re-upload, we have also added a higher-quality background video. Make sure to grab'em both and as always, let us know what you think!

Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 2.00

In Other News: The latest patch for Pump It Up: PRIME 2 came out yesterday and introduces a large number of new songs to the game's song wheel. Along with 9 new songs and two short cuts, the games brings a handful of new charts and an expanded quest mode along with some new graphics. What are you looking forward to most from this patch? Let us know what you think by leaving your thoughts on our Facebook Page. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Crevolous This is No "Mistake"
Posted By: Crevolous | 12/30/2017 12:49:57 AM

Hailing from Pump It Up: EXTRA, U'Two's Mistake is a song found on the song wheel of many subsequent Pump It Up titles for quite sometime. As our team of step makers have been hard at work creating and updating content for the upcoming Nostalgia Pack, this song's Half-Double came into question and was redone in order to meet the pack's requirements. As a result, we have re-synced the file overall, including the background video. Make sure to grab this revised simfile as it holds a number of goodies. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Crevolous Grab Your "Chopstix" and Let's Eat
Posted By: Crevolous | 12/28/2017 9:52:12 PM
ChopstixSonic Dimension134EZNormHDCZHDBFSNM

Greetings and happy Thursday everyone. Tonight I have re-uploaded our version of Chopstix from Pump It Up: Next Xenesis. The revised version comes with two new difficulties straight out of WorldMax. The simfile has been re-synced and includes a high-quality background video as well. I look forward to adding a few more simfiles from PRIME very soon and then move on to other mixes. Until next time, take care and have a splendid New Year celebration!

Crevolous It's an "Exciting" Time
Posted By: Crevolous | 12/23/2017 2:16:45 PM
ExcitingDynamic Duo52-104EZNormHDCZHDBFSNM

Howdy ya'll and welcome to our last update before Christmas day! Our little step making team has uploaded a new simfile to the website from 2010's FIESTA for your enjoyment. Exciting is Dynamic Duo' latest entry into the world of Pump It Up and takes a different direction than their previous song, "Go Back" from New Xenesis. Our version of the simfile is a tad different from its StepF2 counterpart in the fact the BPM changes are different to keep the song synced to quarter notes. We have also added three additional charts to fill in the gaps, including a Half-Double by Funbox. Make sure to grab this tune and as always, let us know what you think! Happy Holidays and stay blessed friends.

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