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Pump It Up XX: Ver 1.01 Released!

 Feb 28, 2019    Crevolous    Article    Comments

Pump It Up: XX Ver. 1.01

Howdy fellow Pumpers and welcome to the very latest update for Pump Pro+! Early today Andamiro released the first official patch for Pump It Up: XX. The new patch contains a handful of new songs, a short cut and a full song along with a bundle of Double Performance and Mission Zone charts. We have outlined all of the details in our article concerning the first update for Pump It Up: XX. What do you think about the latest patch? Do you like it? Do it you hate it? Either way, let us know what you think about this new patch. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Pump It Up: XX Ver. 1.01 Announced!

 Feb 23, 2019    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Salutations and greetings friends. On February 21st, Andamiro released a teaser trailer showcasing new content for the upcoming patch for Pump It Up: XX. The trailer promises a total of six new songs to the series, along with a new short cut and full song. It also makes note of a highly anticipated online matching system, new Double Performance and Mission charts as well. The update is set to come out Thursday, February 28th in which we will post all of the details concerning the new patch. What do you think about the new content coming to XX? Want to share your opinion? If so, leave us a comment on our Facebook Page. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Boong BoongHaon feat. Sik-K prod. Groovy Room136K-Pop
The Little PrinceHaon, Pullik prod. Godic115K-Pop
Ice of DeathFiverwater172Original
NihilismNato190World Music
XX Opening - Short Cut -Max175Original
86 - Full Song -Dasu167World Music

Prime 2 Data Added!

 Feb 20, 2019    Crevolous    Miscellaneous    Comments

Salutations and happy Wednesday everyone! After weeks of hard work and dedication, we have finally uploaded all the step chart data for songs from Prime 2! I am still working on uploading simfiles for Prime 2 for use with StepF2 in which I will link at a later time. All of the song and chart data now lists what patch the song and chart appeared. If you find any errors, please let us know and we will correct it.

In Other Site News: Our little team is still working on the next big batch of content for StepF2 which will be released sometime later this year. We are also looking for avid step makers who would like to help us fill in the gaps for songs from Pro and Pro 2, so if you're interested, please send an email to Crevolous or message us on our Facebook page. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Pump It Up XX: Step Chart Requirements

 Jan 09, 2019    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Thanks to a source on Facebook we have been able to compile a list of requirements needed to unlock charts and songs for Pump It Up XX. We have put all the known requirements into a PDF document that can be viewed through your web browser at your convenience. Over the next few months we will be implementing these requirements into our song and chart databases for easier access. If you spot a requirement that is incorrect in this document or a new requirement not on our list, please let us know and we will add or correct the mistake. For now, please enjoy our Pump It Up XX: 20th Anniversary Edition Step Chart Requirements List.

Official Pump It Up YouTube Channel & Korean Location Testing

 Dec 14, 2018    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Andamiro has recently created an official YouTube channel for Pump It Up and has been uploading videos showcasing footage from Pump It Up: XX. One of the videos uploaded to the channel is the song list for the game for location testing in Korea. It should be noted it is not known whether the song list is final and what songs in fact have been removed from the game. At this time, the video shows most K-Pop and World Music titles have been removed from most previous mixes and it is unknown whether they will return when the game is officially released next month. The video also shows the new channels in which songs can be found with 1st to Perfect Collection being bundled together along with Extra through Prex 3 and Fiesta through Fiesta 2. It is thought some of the missing songs were not licensed for the testing build of the game and may reappear once the game is released as songs from both Prime 2 and XX are not present.

The song list also provides evidence of originals that have been revived (An Interesting View, Can Can, Close Your Eyes, Jump and With My Lover) and songs now available in the international version that were region exclusives in Prime 2 [Hush and Hush (Full Song)].

Lastly, a video of the game being tested in Korea was uploaded showing off more of the game's songs, charts, and interface 13 hours ago as of this posting. This build of the game seems to be online and shows lock icons on charts not yet available to play. For further details, check out the video embedded above and as always, let us know what you think!

Pump It Up: H5 Released!

 Dec 05, 2018    Crevolous    Article    Comments

As of last night, the HTML 5-based variant of Pump It Up has been released through Facebook messenger in the games section. The game comes with a number of original songs and can be played on a PC or laptop, along with mobile devices with an Android operating system. To much dismay, only a handful of songs are unlocked from the get-go while others require to be unlocked through grinding or in game purchases with either game-based or real currency. At the time of this posting, each song features three different difficulties, none of which represent what most players are use to from the arcade version of the franchise. I will compile a list of songs and possibly charts once I have a little more time to do so. In the meantime, please stay tuned here for more information as it comes and happy Pumping!

Edited 12/09/2018: Thanks to Nirvash we were able to quickly compile a list of songs in the game and the requirements to unlock them. If you would like to view the list, please read our article on Pump It Up: H5 - HTML 5 Edition.

Pump It Up: H5 - HTML 5 Edition
Pump It Up: H5 - Song Selection
Pump It Up: H5 - Step Point Shop
Pump It Up: H5 - Star Point Shop
Pump It Up: H5 - Song Selection
Pump It Up: H5 - Music Purchase
Pump It Up: H5 - Album List
Pump It Up: H5 - Rank List
Pump It Up: H5 - How to Play (Single Note)
Pump It Up: H5 - How to Play (Long Note)
Pump It Up: H5 - How to Play (Mode 1)
Pump It Up: H5 - How to Play (Mode 2)

Edits Section is Now Available!

 Nov 26, 2018    Crevolous    Miscellaneous    Comments

Hey there fellow Pumpers and happy Monday to you! I have been working hard on updating content on the site including the long and neglected edits section. The edits section is now live and is updated to reflect the current look and feel of the website. I plan on adding more edit files to the site (even though most players no longer play PRO or PRO 2) to round out our collection. Also, all simfile and chart data for songs up to New Xenesis (NX) have been added to our database bringing us to over 1,000 songs and 4,700 charts. These new updates also include a majority of the songs from Pump It Up Infinity and a handful of those from Next Xenesis (NX2). Stay tuned for more information to come concerning future updates as they will be coming more frequently. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

IAAPA 2018 is in the Books!

 Nov 17, 2018    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Now that IAAPA 2018 is officially in the books, we can safely say it was one event to be remembered in the history of Pump It Up. Over the course of four days, three live-streams and an exhibition tournament put on by Andamiro themselves, the next iteration of the game has proven to be a hit with not only the community, but with casual players and patrons of IAAPA alike. Thanks to GYO*, we have some photos of the promotional brochure. To view a larger version of the photo, simply click its respective thumbnail. We at Pump Pro+ look forward to the next release of Pump It Up in January 2019 and hope the community continues to grow around the world.

It has also been noted that a number of chart ratings have changed in the beta of the game and may be subject to change between now and the game's final release. We have created a page outlining all of the charts changed in the beta of Pump It Up: XX. bring more information about these chart changes in the near future. For more information about Pump It Up: XX, please stay tuned to Pump Pro+!

Pump It Up: XX New Trailer & Announcement!

 Nov 13, 2018    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

It is with great joy the Pump Pro+ team is able to share news about latest and greatest Pump It Up title, Pump It Up: XX 20th Anniversary Edition! Andamiro released a new trailer showcasing a number of songs from the new mix and has promised a number of new features, one of which includes an online match mode. For more information, please check out the trailer above!

BBoom BBoomMomoland126K-Pop
BoomerangWanna One100
Pick MeProduce 48128
Fly HighDream Catcher154
Love ScenarioiKON118
I'm So SickApink124
Wedding CrashersSHK165Original
I Want UMAX156
86 ft. Gumi/Kagamine LenDasu167

There isn't an exact date as to when the patch will be released, but it should be expected late December or even early January. We will have more information as it comes, so please stay tuned here as we will be covering the game in depth. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Pump It Up: 20th Anniversary Teaser Trailer

 Oct 16, 2018    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

So it seems Andamiro has released a nifty teaser trailer for the upcoming 20th anniversary of the Pump It Up series! The video shows artwork from previous iterations of the series and promises to expand the franchise to multiple platforms. Want to learn more? Then check out the video above. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

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