StepManiaX Content Update #34

 Nov 16, 2022    Crevolous    Article    Comments

Wow wee! In some strange way, I am not surprised StepManiaX has received an early content update given the team has the game on display at IAAPA in Orlando, FL. Despite my feelings, I am surprised the game has received a content update this early, but the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday could have something to do with the early release. With that said, the latest content update comes with five new songs, one of which is a returning favorite from In The Groove. I have taken the liberty of outlining the new songs part of the content update. I have added them to our songs and StepManiaX songs database and will add the charts in a bit later. For now, what do you think about this new update? Let us know down in the comments.

Get BusyKoyotie125
Ievan PolkkaQuiqman feat. Chihiro Kawakami175
Lemmings on the RunE-Rotic134
PerksBibi Gold160

StepManiaX at IAAPA & Chrono Circle Ver. 1.32

 Nov 15, 2022    Crevolous    StepManiax    Comments

New StepManiaX cabinet at IAAPA Amusement Expo in Orlando, FL

It is November and that means it is time for the annual International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions expo to take place in sunny Orlando, FL. This year the StepManiaX team has made their presence known and has shown off a fabulous, nearly 70-inch cabinet. It is sight to see and how I wish I were there in person playing on this beautiful display. In any case, I managed to snag a photo of it from Kyle Ward's Facebook page and wanted to share it with all of you! What do you think about this new cabinet? I for one love it and cannot wait to see this popup in one of my local arcades one day.

Chrono Circle version 1.32

It appears things are really gearing up in the rhythm game department as it is time for another Chrono Circle update. New songs and features have been dropped in the latest content update for the game and we plan on bringing you all the juicy details. I think I may create articles detailing Chrono Circle updates, but for now I am keeping things to the front page until I have more time. Anyhow, I have outlined all the new songs found in the newest content update set to premiere on November 17th. Check it out and as always, let us know what you think!

REDALiCEKoshoku Parasol feat. YukaccoVariety
edge//lordNAOKI feat. Riyu KosakaVariety
Kimi to no TetotekonekutoMASAKI(ZUNTATA)xDoroshi (CV: Minase Inori)Variety
knock knockTECHNOuchi feat. Bonjour SuzukiVariety
Tetote AwaseteKoteani & Shimoda Yu (ZUNTATA)Variety

StepManiaX Refresh Content Update

 Nov 11, 2022    Crevolous    StepManiax    Comments

StepManiaX Refresh Content Update

While not a content update in the traditional means, a new content update has been deployed to StepManiaX machines around the world! This content update brings a number of Team charts and background videos for a number of songs in the game. This seems like a very exciting update and I cannot wait to check it out at my local arcade in the near future. What do you think about this update? Lets us know in the comments and as always, thank you for your continued support!

StepManiaX Content Update #33

 Oct 29, 2022    Crevolous    StepManiax    Comments

Salutations and greetings ladies and gents and welcome to the next update for Pump Pro+! A new StepManiaX update was released yesterday, bringing five brand-spanking new songs to the game. We have outline the details of each song in a convenient table below for your viewing pleasure. If you would like to learn more, please watch the video above and as always, let us know what you think!

Good FeelingMore Plastic & Imallryt135
INEEDUTeddy Killerz175
Right Into YouThe Technical Team175
Midnight TrainMore Plastic & Tylah Winyard150

Nightmare Title Event

 Oct 27, 2022    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Nightmare Title Event

A new title event has began for Pump It Up: XX. This time the title event is themed to a handful of Dreamcatcher songs and charts as outlined in the table below. The event begins today and will conclude on December 8th of this year. Winners of the event will receive a special Nightmare title, up to the top 100 players. I have created an article on the Nightmare Title Event with all the details for your reading pleasure. What do you think about this event? Are you excited to participate or will you participate at all?

Chase MeS20, D23
Good NightS23, D24
You and IS21, D25

Chrono Circle v1.31 Released!

 Oct 20, 2022    Crevolous    Chrono Circle    Comments

Chrono Circle Ver. 1.31

It's another month and that means it is time for another Chrono Circle update. For all those interested, the newest update brings in four new and spooky songs to celebrate the Halloween season. We have outlined the songs appearing in this update below for your viewing pleasure. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

AMiDARA PIERROTonokenOriginal
Starry Story (feat. Narae)HyuN & MIIMOriginal
もぺもぺLeaf & OptieVariety

Chrono Circle v1.30 Released!

 Oct 01, 2022    Crevolous    Chrono Circle    Comments

Chrono Circle ver. 1.30
Chrono Circle ver. 1.29

Greetings and salutations friends. Given Pump Pro+ is mainly a Pump It Up related website, I thought it might be interesting to cover Andamiro's latest venture, Chrono Circle. A number of Pump It Up songs have crossed over into the game and I will be adding more data just as soon as I have the chance to create Chrono Circle patch information. For now, I have outlined the content from the last two content updates for the game and will add the others retroactively over time. It is my hope I will be able to add more content from this game, but there are not any Chrono Circle cabinets in my area. For now, enjoy and look forward to more to come in the near future.

Red SnowCashewVariety
Clematis RapsodiaJehezukielVariety

StepManiaX Content Update #32

 Sep 30, 2022    Crevolous    StepManiax    Comments

It has been nearly a month since our last content update and I greatly apologize for the lack of information as there is no more Pump It Up news at this time. With that said, we have been pushing new videos to our YouTube channel, so for new and exciting content related to Pump It Up, In The Groove, and StepManiaX, please share, like and subscribe. In the meantime, a new StepManiaX content update has been released. It is unknown whether more content will drop like last month's update at this time, but if it does, we will bring you all the latest news. As of now, four new songs have been added to the StepManiaX song wheel, all of which he have outlined in the table below. We will also be adding these songs and charts to our massive song database, so please look forward to more information to come. Take care until then fellow Pumpers!

Only YouDexter King feat. Alexis Donn126
STOP! & GoOnyx137
VodkaThe Royal Eurobeat Orchestra of Bazookistan160

StepManiaX Content Update #31

 Aug 24, 2022    Crevolous    StepManiax    Comments

Unexpectedly, another content update for StepManiaX came out earlier today. This content update is a most pleasant surprise and dishes out a song I feel is quite unexpected in this franchise, ZiGZaG's Energizer. It is great to see this classic In The Groove song re-introduced in the StepManiaX franchise and it is my hope it will entertain new players who didn't experience the song when it first came out on the scene nearly 20 years ago. Three additional songs come with "Energizer" and they too look like a bundle of fun and I for one cannot wait to play them all. Like yesterday's update, I have outlined the new content in this update below for your viewing pleasure.

Bust It OutFWLR105
Demon's WorldCJ Crew170
TurboTokyo Machine128

Combined with the content update released yesterday, this month's new songs look quite promising. I have added all the songs to our StepManiaX database and will continue to add step chart data as time goes by. Take care and until next time fellow Pumpers!

StepManiaX Content Update #30

 Aug 23, 2022    Crevolous    StepManiax    Comments

It's nearing the end of one month and the beginning of another and that means it is about time for a new StepManiaX update. This month's update is relatively small, consisting of only four songs, but the songs we did get seem great from what I saw in the preview video. I have taken the time to outline the new songs in the table below and will add the songs to our database in the next day or so.

Rainbow Rave ParadeChime150
Space BoyRameses B, Feint & Veela87-174

In Other Site News: Our massive In The Groove and StepManiaX database project is chugging along, but it is taking time. All In The Groove and In The Groove 2 charts are in our database and I am in the process of recording all the PCs version's Doubles charts. I am currently uploading them to our YouTube channel and linking them back to our web in alphabetical order. I do not have an idea when this portion of the project will be complete, but I am uploading between 4 to 8 videos nearly everyday, so I expect this portion to extend at least a month or so. After, I will move onto recording all In The Groove and In The Groove 2 Singles charts which I expect to take a bit longer. Thank you for your continued patience and support fellow Pumpers!

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