Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.10

 Nov 29, 2017    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.10

New Songs

Heart AttackDJ Counterforce148S07, S11, S16, D09, D18, S18, D20
NakakapagpabagabagDasu feat. Kagamine Len145S10, S14, S18, D15, D19, Co-op x02
Cross TimeBrandy160S03, S07, S12, S15, S18, D11, D17, D20
Keep On!Amaorip185S06, S12, S15, D12, D17, S18, S21, D20, D22

New Step Charts

Get Your Groove OnD21
Caprice of OtadaS19
ReminiscenceS15, D17

Quest Zone

Quest Chapter 5 is updated.

Final Audition 2S08, S10, S16, S17
Up & DownS15, D15, D16, D17
NaissanceS06, S13, S19, S21
Kasou ShinjaS18, S20, D19, D21
Ignition StartsS15, S18, D17, D24

Minor Bug Fixing

Minor bugs and glitches have been fixed.

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