Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.07

 Jul 31, 2017    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.07

New Songs

Overblow 2MAX155S05, S09, S15, S18, D07, D14, D19
Hey UMAZO162S05, S10, S15, D10, D16
BEDLAMSANY-ON183S08, S10, S15, S18, D13, D20, S22, D24
Leather (Remix)Doin200S18, S21, D22, S24, D26

New Step Charts

Bring Back the BeatS19
Red SnowD18
Death Moon (Short Cut)S22

Quest Zone

Quest "Chapter" is updated.

Very GoodS06, S09, S15, S16
Rippin' It UpS05, S09, S16, S19
AchluoiasS08, S15, S18, S21
HyperionS09, S14, S18, S21
DestinationS11, S16, S18, S21
Ignis FatuusS15, S19, S23, S24
ExtravaganzaS11, S16, S21, D24
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