Pump It Up 2013: Fiesta 2 Ver. 1.20

 Jun 11, 2013    Crevolous    Comments

The 1.20 version of Pump It Up 2013: Fiesta 2 debuted on June 11th, 2013. This version introduced two songs from the Pro series into the main franchise and implemented U.C.S. into the game via USB.

New Songs

Pump It Up 2013: Fiesta 2 Ver. 1.20
Take Me Back (2007 Re-Edit)KaW172S03, S07, S09, S17, D10, D17
XuxaSmiley160S03, S05, S09, S14, D12, D18, Co-op x02

New Charts

Lady BugCoconutS13, D13, Co-op x02
RainsparkSanxion7S15, D05, D17
Star CommandZirconS15, S19, D14, D21
SwitchbackCelldwellerS15, S18, D10, D16, D18
Rippin' It UpFuture Funk SquadS16, D04, D18
Tribe AttackerHi-GS16, D10, D15, Co-op x04
Hardkore of the NorthDiclonius KidS21, D16

Bug Fix

Minor bugs were fixed in Pumpbi.

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