Pump It Up: M Ver. 1.44

 Apr 16, 2020    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: M Ver. 1.44

Update Notes

Added 10 new songs to the game and introduces Season 3. This version is 1.44 for Android users and 1.5 for iOS users.

New Songs

About The UniverseSOTUI & Missionary180Mobile Original
Ultimate EyesHyuN185Mobile Original
DancingSaid151Mobile Original

XX Preplay Songs

Adrenaline BlasterQWertism150Original
District 1MAX158Original
Fire Noodle ChallengeMemme185Original


Chopsticks ChallengeYahpp128Original
Cannon X.1Yahpp185Original
Blaze EmotionYahpp170Original
Caprice of OtadaBanYa Production160Original

Bug Fixes & Changes

- Added new song guidance pop-up window feature.
- Fixed issues for "The End of the World ft. Skizzo".
- Added S12 for Chopsticks Challenge.

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