Pump It Up: M Ver. 1.46

 Jun 18, 2020    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: M Ver. 1.46

Update Notes

This update adds 10 new songs to the game's roster, four of which are from previous versions of Pump It Up. This update introduces Season 7 and is version 1.7 for iOS devices.

New Songs

Simon Says EURODANCE!! (feat. Sara☆M)Jehezukiel☆KAZEMURA☆Hideky157Original
Burn OutWyvernP190Mobile Original
NovatailSound Souler174Mobile Original

XX Preplay Songs

Iolite SkyDoin90Original
La CinquantainePory164Original


"Destination" along with three other songs have been added to the Pump It Up: M roster.

Bug Fixes

- Added vibration function.
- Improved viewing of advertisements.
- Tutorial shown after launch of the game once patched. Added sensitivity adjustment options.
- Modified how some songs play.
- Item usage price adjustment.
- Daily Quest Condition SSS → Down to A record.

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