Pump It Up: M Ver. 1.43

 Mar 19, 2020    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: M Ver. 1.43

Update Notes

Adds 11 new songs to the game and introduces Season 3 and 4. This is version 1.43 for Android users and 1.4 for iOS users.

New Songs

That Kitty (PIU Edit)MonstDeath190Mobile Original
Galaxy CollapseKurokotei270Mobile Original
Underworld ft. Skizzo (PIU Edit)MonstDeath vs Neutral Moon150Mobile Original


Turkey MarchBanYa150Original
Free StyleBanYa99Original
Midnight BlueBanYa80Original
Pumping UpBanYa135Original
She Likes PizzaBanYa230Original
Latino VirusWarak170Original
Force of RaMemme180Original

Bug Fixes & Changes

- Improved some sound effects on some screens.
- Modified certain background music playback issues.
- Modified notes for Switronic and New World.

New Step Charts

- Free Style - S05, S09
- Midnight Blue - S07, S15
- She Likes Pizza - S16
- Pumping Up - S09

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