Pump It Up: Infinity Edit Guide

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While not available in most arcades around the world, Pump It Up: Infinity is a unique take on the five-panel dance simulation franchise, Pump It Up that is sure to amaze. Unlike its Korean counterpart, Infinity offers the ability to create edits for every song on its song list. This guide is an in-depth look into creating edits for Infinity from top to bottom. With that said, let's get started.

Getting Started

When playing Infinity it is best to use a USB flash drive to save scores and of course, your custom step charts. When you use a USB flash drive with Infinity, the game will create a folder where your user account information is stored. If you don't have the Pump It Up Infinity folder on your USB drive, you can create one yourself. If you do create the folder itself, make sure it is named properly and contains an Edits folder.

Edits FAQ

  1. There is no limit to the number of edits you can have on a USB drive.
  2. The user can have multiple edits for the same song. Multiple edits are displayed under the song in one grouping.
  3. The Infinity Edit Channel can be found on the far right of Channel Select Menu while in Arcade Mode.
  4. The name of the edit can contain numbers and letters of any kind whether uppercase or lowercase.

Edit Structure

Infinity requires all edit files to have the following tags in a specific order.

#SONG:Song Folder/Song Name;
#LABELS:0.000=Song Start;
  Credit or chart name:
  Difficulty Level:

For the exact song folder name, please see the table below. For precise song names, please see...

1st to 3rd01 1st to 3rd
SE to Extra02 SE to Extra
REBIRTH to PREX 303 Rebirth to Prex 3
Exceed to Zero04 Exceed to Zero
NX to NX Absolute05 NX to NX Absolute
Fiesta06 Fiesta 2010
Fiesta EX07 Fiesta EX
Pro08 Pump It Up Pro
Pro 209 Pump It Up Pro 2
Infinity10 Pump It Up Infinity
Full Songs11 Full Songs
Remixes12 Remixes
Shortcuts13 Shortcuts
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