Pump It Up: PRIME Ver. 1.14

 Feb 25, 2016    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: PRIME ver 1.14

New Songs

Trashy InnocenceLastNote230S01, S05, S10, S14, D10, D15, Co-op x02, S20, D24
Renai YuushaLastNote190S03, S06, S12, S17, D04, D13, D18, Co-op x03, S19, D20
Just Hold On (To All Fighters)Void170S04, S07, S10, S16, D12, D18, S21, D22, D25
Enhanced RealityMatduke170S09, S14, D11, S19, D20
Pandora (Full Song)Kara140S17, D18

New Step Charts

Canon-DCo-op x02
Rock the HouseS16, D13
Super FantasyS14, D16
KaryawisataS15, D16

Quest Zone

J BongS07, S08, S13, S18
Final Audition 3 U.FS06, S09, S14, S18
Chopsticks ChallengeS06, S17, D16, D19
Com'BackS08, S15, D16, D20
TeprisS07, S16, D18, D22

Unlocked Step Charts

Bad∞End∞NightS17, S19, D18
Video Out CS17

New Features

1.) Random for WPF 2016 was added. Random for WPF Channel is used for the speed category of WPF 2016. VJ mode is enforced, but stage break setting follows the setup of the machine.
2.) UCS song is aded: Robot Battle.


Minor bugs have been fixed.

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