Pump It Up: XX Ver. 1.05

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Pump It Up: Ver. 1.05

New Songs

SongArtistBPM Charts
Full MoonDreamcatcher190S02, S04, S06, S16, D14, D20, Co-op x02, S20, S22, D24
Carmen BusStaticSphere & Fugu Suisan170S12, S18, D13, S18, S21, D20, D22
Tales of PumpniaApplesoda200S09, S12, S16, D13, D17, Co-op x02, S19, D20
Orbit StabilizerDM Ashura155S06, S13, S16, D18, S19, S21, D21, D23
Cross SoulHyuN feat. Syepias200S08, S17, D12, D18, S20, S22, D20, D24
Phalanx "RS2018 edit"Cranky200S11, S15, S17, S19, S22, D13, D18, D21
Prime TimeCashew190S15, D23, DP24, S21, S23, D26
Can-can ~Orpheus in The Pary Mix~ (Short Cut)Sr. Lan Belmont195D13, D15, D17, D19, D21, D23, D25

New Step Charts

Fly HighS20, D21
The End of the World ft. SkizzoS20, D21
Ai, Yurete...D20

Mission Zone Update

Solitary 1.5D10
Pick MeD16
Moment DayS18
Latino VirusS19
Break It DownD21
Pumptris QuattroD22

Chart Updates

1.) 1948 -D28 - Step chart was modified.
2.) Tantanmen D23 - Step chart was modified.
3.) Black Swan D22 - Step chart was modified.

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