2019 Pump It Up Summer Festival

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2019 Pump It Up Summer Festival

As of July 27th, 2019, Andamiro has launched a Summer Festival contest for Pump It Up: XX. The contest awards players for the best score on several charts in the quickest amount of time. The details of the contest are listed below, along with a link to all official rules and documentation. From everyone at Pump Pro+, we wish all competitors the best.

How to Participate

To particpate in the 2019 Pump It Up Summer Festival, participants must use their AM.Pass or USB drive to log into their Pump It Up: XX profile. After logging in, participants must play any of the designated songs listed below. Participants must take a photo of their score on the results screen. It is advised participants take two photos of the results screen and send them to event@andamiro.com. Ranking of submitted scores will be determined in descending order of the total score of the song played.

Designated Song List

Below is a list of the designated songs and charts for the Summer Festival contest.

The Little Prince (Prod. Godic)S13
Bboom BboomS15
Good ByeS17
Papasito feat. KuTiNAS20

Other Details

Other details for the contest are as follows:

1.) At least two songs with a grade of A or higher must be sent.
2.) Only results played on a registered machine will be accepted. If your machine is not registered you can learn more by reading how to register your machine below.
3.) Results must be taken on a cabinet running Pump It Up: XX after July 27th, 2019.
4.) Pictures must include: Game ID, location name, song name, difficulty, score and accepted modifiers.
5.) Accepted modifiers are: Speed, Note Skin and Drop Path. Any other commands are considered invalid.
6.) Please include [PSF participation] in the subject of the email.
7.) Game ID, Country Name and Song Result must be attached to all e-mails.
8.) Multiple entries are accepted via email before the contest's end date of August 31st, 2019.
9.) Entries and competitors will be disqualified and banned from future events if foul play is detected. This includes software modification and results achieved by playing with a keyboard or any other method than a participant's feet.

Example of Submitted Results

Submission Example
Subject:[PSF participation]
Body:Game ID: CREV
Real Name: Adrian Bruno (33 years old)
Country: United States of America

How to Register a Machine

If a location name does not appear even though the machine is online, please send a photo of the machine ID on the top left of the title screen to marketing@andamiro.com.

This website is intended for entertainment purposes only. Please support Andamiro and Pump It Up by playing official releases at your local arcade.