Pump It Up 2013: Fiesta 2 Ver. 1.50

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Pump It Up 2013: Fiesta 2 Ver. 1.50

New Songs

VVVZiGZaG68-603S18, S23, D16, D19, D24
RE:RAVEKURi-ZiLL146S02, S06, S11, S16, S17, D12, D18
Mental RiderSquar120-140S12, S16, S21, D13, D19, D23

New Step Charts

Hot Issue4MinuteD26
Caprice of OtadaBanYa ProductionD21
LovumbaDaddy YankeeD19

Reward & UCS Contest Step Charts

SwitchbackCelldwellerS15, S18, D10, D16, D18
LadybugCoconutS13, D13, Co-op x02
Hardkore of the NorthDiclonius KidS21, D16
Rippin' It UpFuture Funk SquadS16, D04, D18
Tribe AttackerHi-GS16, D10, D15, Co-op x02
Virtual EmotionInspector KS17, Co-op x02
Heel and ToeKURi-ZiLLCo-op x02
RainsparkSanxion7S15, D05, D17
Be Alive (Raaban Inc. Mix)Stian KD10, Co-op x02
Star CommandZirconS15, S19, D14, D21
Shanghai RomanceOrange CaramelD17
Ignis Fatuus (DM Ashura Mix)BanYa Remixed by DM AshuraD24

Music Train Only Step Charts Available In Arcade

Jonathan's DreamMAX & Seorryang (SID-Sound)D18
Ignis Fatuus (DM Ashura Mix)BanYa Remixed by BanYaD26
Love is a Danger Zone (Cranky Mix)BanYa Remixed by CrankyS19
Can't Nobody2NE1S17
Shanghai RomanceOrange CaramelS18
Heart BreakerG DragonD18
Two GuysBae Chi GiD18
B.P.M. Collection (Auditions)N/AS15
B.P.M. Collection 2 (Solitaries)N/AS18
B.P.M. Collection (Pumpts)N/AS19
B.P.M. Collection 4 (ect. Mix)N/AS17
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