Pump It Up: XX Ver. 2.03

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Pump It Up: XX Ver. 2.03

New Songs

Gotta GoChung Ha102S02, S04, S06, S09, S15, D07, D16, S17, D18
Iolite SkyDoin92S07, S10, S16, D11, D17, S20, S22, D24
La CinquantainePory164S06, S10, S16, D12, D16, S19, S22, D20, D24
Broken Karma (PIU Edit)Quree180S10, S16, S19, D13, D20, S21, D23
Cutie SongMemme174S04, S08, S11, S15, D13, D17, Co-op x03, S19, D21
Nekkoya (Pick Me) - Full Song -Produce 48128S12, S19, D20
Good Bye - Full Song -Hong Jinyoung139S17, S19, D18, D21
I Want U - Short Cut -MAX156S04, S07, S11, S19, D13, D21

New Charts

Bullfighter's SongS14
Mental RiderCo-op x04
Bad Apple!! feat. NomicoCo-op x02
Twist of Fate feat. RurilingCo-op x02
HTTPCo-op x02
Magical VacationCo-op x02
Macaron DayCo-op x02
Adrenaline BlasterCo-op x02
VanishCo-op x02
Kimchi FingersCo-op x02
XeroizeCo-op x03

Mission Zone Update

Start On REDD14
The Festival of the Ghost 2 (Sneak)D19
Twist of Fate feat. RurilingD20
Papa GonzalesD21
Turkey MarchD22
Ugly DeeD23

New Avatars Added

15 New avatars have been added to the item shop.

- Merker
- Sarabande
- Onpiov
- The Crawling Chaos
- Stranger
- Aki & Erue
- Rio & Rou
- Unique Duo
- Devit
- Vermilion & Azure
- Miya
- Yeong Dong
- Human Faced Being
- The Grim Reaper


- BSPower Explosion Co-op x02 - Step chart was modified.
- Escape D26 - Step chart was modified.
- Can-can ~Orpheus in the Party Mix~ - A bug in the step chart was fixed.

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