Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.05

 Jun 19, 2017    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.05

New Songs

Utsushiyo No Kaze feat. KanaVoid152S07, S11, S16, D11, D19, S20, D18
Start on RedNato160S04, S08, S11, S15, D12, S19, D20
Sieze My DayRainbowdragoneyes160S02, S06, S10, S14, S18, D07, D12, D19, D22
Up & Down (Full Song)Exid112S08, S18, D19

New Step Charts

She Likes PizzaS21, D23
Last RebirthD18
Red SnowCo-op x02

Quest Zone Updated

Quest "Chapter 2" Updated.

Bring Back the BeatS12, S17, D19, D20
U Got Me RockingS17, S18, D17, D19
Four Seasons of Loneliness ver βS14, S17, D18, D19
Moment DayS15, D17, D19, D20
Mental RiderS12, S16, S20, D21
Papa GonzalesS08, S14, D18, D22
Renai YuushaS17, S19, D20, D24

PP Bonus Event

PP bonus event will be launched.

1.) The percentage of getting PP will be increased to 200% while playing every Thursday (GMT 00:00).
2.) We apply this event after updating to the version 1.05.0.
3.) The PP bonus periods might be slightly different in each country due to the time difference.

Pump It Up: PRIME Online Service Ending

On June 30th, online services for Pump It Up: PRIME will end.

1.) In ver. 1.22, Quest Zone will be the only online accessible feature that can be used while offline.
2.) In ver. 1.22, all Quest Zone exclusive charts will be added to their respective songs in Arcade Mode.

Bug Fixing

Minor bug fixing.

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