Pump It Up: Contents Creation Contest

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Pump It Up: Contents Creation Contest

Andamiro has announced a new and exciting contest offering the opportunity for musicians and illustrators to create and submit original content for the world's best dance simulation franchise, Pump It Up. This contest is looking for talented individuals to submit their work and have it displayed to an audience of thousands in a multitude of nations and cultures around the world. Below lies the details of the contest. Make sure to read the rules and conditions thoroughly and most of all, good luck to all of the contestants.

1. Contest Date

Semi-Final: July 21st-September 10th, 2017 (Korean Standard Time)
Final: September 15th-September 25th, 2017 (Korean Standard Time)
Result Announcement: October 10th, 2017 (Korean Standard Time)

2. Semi-Final (Apply)

Create your piece according to the contest and rules. Send it to amcontest@andamiro.com along with your music or artwork in the proper format.

Music Format

Must be in the .mp3 format and under 100MB in size.

Character Format

Must be an original character design. Existing character designs from Pump It Up games or other copyrighted works are not permitted. The character must be in a standing position with a clear, white or solid color background. All characters should be designed well and fully developed (sketches are not allowed).

All entries should be at least 300 DPI and in the .PNG or .JPG/JPEG formats.

It is important to remember the details regarding how to send your entries. Look below for specifics regarding the proper format of emailed submissions.

Email Format

Email Title: [PIUCONTEST] Name (nickname) - Title for the piece (ex. MAX - Sarabande)

Email Content: Name, date of birth, description of your piece

Email Size: Under 100MB

3. Final - Popular Vote

The development team will grade all pieces submitted to the contest and 70% of its score will go into your final score. Having the scores from the development team as a standard, BEST 20 will be announced on the voting page. A public vote will be held and the votes won will be counted as score. Scores earned from the public vote will account for the remaining 30% of the total vote.

4a. Prizes for Song Contest

1st Place - $1,000 Song will be used in Pump It Up
2nd Place - $500 Song will be used in Pump It Up
3rd Place - $300 Song will be used in Pump It Up
4th & 5th Place - Song will be used in Pump It Up

4b. Prizes for Character Contest

1st Place - $500 Character will be used in Pump It Up
2nd Place - $300 Character will be used in Pump It Up
3rd Place - $200 Character will be used in Pump It Up
4th & 5th Place Character will be used in Pump It Up

If a character is used, three additional poses may be requested.

5. Caution

All winning entries in both portions of this contest will become the property of Andamiro and can be used and reproduced by Andamiro. All applicant works must be original and cannot exceed one entry per person. It is the applicant's sole responsibility to produce and use their own work and stray from using work that bares a copyright or trademark. Previously submitted and exposed works are not eligible for entry in this contest and will be disqualified accordingly. If there are not enough applicants or the quality of the pieces submitted are under expectation, the number of pieces used will be limited to a lower number. Tax for any prize money won must be paid by the user under the jurisdiction of their local, state, and federal governments. Exchange standard is 1,000 won per $1.

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