Pump It Up: XX Ver. 2.06

 Apr 01, 2021    Crevolous    Comments

Pump It Up: XX ver. 2.06

New Songs

HarmaggedonHyuN vs Lixound194S04, S06, S10, S16, S19, S22, D13, D21, S22, D24
Slapstick ParfaitT+Pazolite160S03, S07, S10, S16, D12, D18, S19, D21
Pop SequenceHommarju110S05, S07, S11, S15, SP18, D12, D19, DP22, S21, D23
Paved GardenGinkiha187S08, S12, S16, D13, D17, S19, S22, D21, D24
Night DutyA.V.140S03, S06, S09, S14, S17, D08, D15, S19, D20
Crossing DeltaT+Pazolite + Ginkiha + Hommarju180S??, S??, D??, DP??

New Charts

Hungarian Dance VBanYa ProductionD21
Hypnosis (Synthwulf Mix)BanYaD22
Chinese RestaurantMemmeCo-op x03
Top CityBanYaS20, D20
Dance With MeBanYaD18
Rolling ChristmasBanYaS17
Club NightMatdukeD23
You and IDreamcatcherCo-op x02
Wedding Crashers (Shortcut)SHKS11, S15, D13
Creed -1st Desire-TatshMusicCircleS15
EmperorBanYaCo-op x02

New Avatars Added

13 new avatars have been added to the item shop.

- Mikazuki
- Meteror
- Mode G
- Hellfire
- Ailee
- Native Magic
- Hannah
- HEY!
- Aya
- Pumcaddy
- Melissa
- Jonathan
- Escape

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