Pump It Up: XX Ver. 2.04

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Pump It Up: Ver. 2.04

New Songs

JoggingLucy138S03, S05, S09, S16, D07, D16, S18, D18, D22
DestructimateKurorak193S08, S12, S16, S19, D15, D19, S22, D24
Clematis RapsodiaJehezukiel260S11, S15, S18, D12, D16, D19, Co-op x03, S22, D24
Stardream (feat. Romelon)Cashew160S06, S10, S15, S18, D11, D15, D19, Co-op x02, S21, D22
Headless Chickenr300k90.5S05, S10, S15, S19, D12, D17, Co-op x02, S21, D21
Over the HorizonYamajet190S11, S15, S17, D14, S20, D21
HouseplanHouseplan128S03, S06, S09, S15, D08, D16, S17, D18
Baroque Virus (Full Song)Zircon135S16, S19, D20, S21, D23
ERRORCODE:0Doin && Sunny200.1S19, S23, D24, S25, D27

New Charts

District 1DP04
Iolite SkyDP03
La CinquantaineDP02
Adrenaline BlasterDP04
Fly HighCo-op x02
Starry NightDP02
Love ScenarioD19
Bon Bon ChocolatDP03
Gotta GoDP03
Broken Karma (PIU Edit)DP02
After a Thousand YearsDP04
Danger & DangerDP03
Dual Racing <RED vs BLUE>DP04
Cutie SongDP03
Dement ~After Legend~S15, S18, S21, D21, D24
Point Zero 2DP03

Mission Zone Update

Bad Apple!! (feat. Nomico)S15
Arcana ForceD16
Keep On!D16
Good ByeS17
A Site De La RueD17
Nekkoya (Pick Me)D18
Headless ChickenS19
The People Didn't KnowD20
Allegro PIU MossoS20
Very NiceS21
Like MeD25

Added U.C.S. Songs

Now you can make your own step charts for the songs in the list below. You may also download samples of songs revived in PRIME 2 from the sample download window.

- With My Lover
- An Interesting View
- Radetzky Can Can
- Jump
- Like Me
- Switronic
- Transcaglia in G-minor
- Cycling!
- District 1
- Adrenaline Blaster
- Dual Racing <RED vs BLUE>
- Iolite Sky
- La Cinquantaine
- Cutie Song
- Destructimate
- Clematis Rapsodia
- Stardream (feat. Romelon)
- Headless Chicken
- Over the Horizon
- Houseplan

New Avatars Added

14 new avatars have been added to the item shop.

- Freedom of the Dead
- Gargoyle
- Christos T Elias
- Lyra D. Fersen
- Amai Satoko
- Synt. H. Wulf
- Malaventurados
- Jeanne
- Wonder & World
- Princess Choco & Candy Girl
- ABT-1
- Alien Pig
- Can Can Rangers
- Violet Perfume


- Twist of Fate (feat. Ruriling) - Co-op x02 - Step chart was modified.
- Adrenaline Blaster - Co-op x02 - Step chart was modified.

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