Pump It Up: PRIME 4th UCS Contest

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Pump It Up: PRIME 4th UCS Contest

Pump It Up: PRIME 4th UCS Contest

Andamiro has announced the list of songs for the next UCS contest for Pump It Up: PRIME. Below our users will find information related to the contest including songs, chart requirements, and dates. Please read through all of the information carefully and visit Official UCS Page for further details.

UCS Contest Songs

The songs selected for the next UCS contest are as follows:

Robot BattleCYO Style198
Chicken WingBanYa200
Till the End of TimeBanYa140

All of the UCS files for the contest can be downloaded by visiting the UCS section of the Official Pump It Up website. Please make sure to create an account and log in before attempting to download the files.

Chart Requirements

Andamiro has asked its fans and supporters to make charts in certain ranges for each song in the contest. The ranges for each song are as follows:

Robot Battle16-1917-20
Chicken Wing20-2321-24
Till the End of Time11-13/15-185-8/11-14/16-19


Users must apply by 5 PM March 28th, 2016 (GMT+09:00). All applicants can begin the application process beginning February 15th. The user evaluation period will being March 29th and will end April 18th. The development team will begin their evaluation of all selected UCS charts April 19th through the 25th. Stay tuned for more and good luck in the latest contest!

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