New StepManiaX Song: "Kick It Man"

 Jun 06, 2021    Crevolous    StepManiax    Comments

A couple of days ago, a new content update was pushed out to StepManiaX featuring Kick It Man, a sort of "remix" of Bus Stop's Kick The Can from Dance Dance Revolution. The addition of this song is a pleasant surprise and brings back feelings of nostalgia when I hear it. If you would like to learn more, please watch the video above and as always, let us know what you think!

StepManiaX May Update

 May 29, 2021    Crevolous    StepManiax    Comments

It has been a little more than slow on the Pump It Up side of things, but given it is the end of another month, a new StepManiaX update is among us! This month brings a handful of new songs to the game and we couldn't be more excited to share them with all of you. Take a look at this month's content video and if you'd like to see more, please look at the table below. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Song ArtistBPM
BrutalisphereMachinae Supremacy194
Cartoon Heroes (Speedy Mix)Barbie Young170
Melancholy VisionDE-SIRE128-256
OperatorMiss Papaya135
Show UM-Project170
Step Up Amadeus (2021 Yahpp Remix)BanYa170
Test My BestE-Rotic148

StepManiaX April Update

 May 01, 2021    Crevolous    StepManiax    Comments

YES! Another month is in the books and that means a new StepManiaX update is among us. This month's update has a little something for everyone and it is clear to see why. We have compiled a list of all the new songs below making their SMX debut in the content update for April. Tell us what you think by leaving a comment. Want to interact with us? If so, please sign up for a Pump Pro+ account and leave us your thoughts on every news update we make. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

CryosleepMachinae Supremacy68-137
Dr. M (Yahpp 2021 Remix)BanYa94-160
Glowing in the NightSchustin140
In the Heat of the NightE-Rotic136
Katana FighterElectron135
Sky HighDJ Miko136

Pump It Up: XX Ver. 2.06 Ready for Launch!

 Apr 07, 2021    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

It is nearly Thursday and the latest update for Pump It Up: XX, version 2.06 is about to make its debut. We have received a great deal of information on the new update and boy are there a ton of new charts to enjoy. Per usual I have created an article for the update outlining all the juicy details for your reading pleasure. I will be updating the article over the course of the next two days as some chart ratings have yet to be released, so please make sure to check back either Friday or Saturday for the most accurate information. Until then, please take advantage of our Song Database for the latest information, including charts for the new and preexisting songs. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

Crossing Delta & Hidden Charts Appear!

 Apr 05, 2021    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Happy Monday fellow Pump It Up fanatics and welcome to the next update for Pump Pro+. Earlier this evening, the last remaining charts for the new songs in the upcoming patch for Pump It Up: XX were uploaded to the official Pump It Up YouTube channel. As always, I have added the charts to our expansive database in case you'd like to take a look using our song search page. At this point it is unclear whether or not the step making team will add additional charts to existing songs, but we will know more once the update is released. We will continue to bring you further updates as they come, but until now, please check out our table below for the latest additions. Until next time!

PLEASE NOTE: An asterisk "*" denotes the chart is either a Single or Double Performance chart.

Crossing Delta
HarmagedonHyuN vs. Lixound194????
Slapstick Parfaitt+pazolite160????
Paved GardenGinkiha187????????
Pop SequenceHommarju110????
Crossing DeltaT+Pazolite + Ginkiha + Hommarju180????????*
Night DutyA.V.140????

Pop Sequence & Night Duty Charts

 Apr 04, 2021    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Another day, another set of step chart videos making their debut on the official Pump It Up YouTube channel. This time around we have received the charts for Pop Sequence and Night Duty. "Pop Sequence" is full of surprises and brings us both a Single and Double Performance charts that are sure to frustrate players for some time to come. On the other hand, "Night Duty" finally makes its transition from Fiesta EX Quest Zone to the arcade song wheel, not including its appearance in Pump It Up: Infinity. The charts for "Night Duty" seem to fit in well and the S17 originally in the Fiesta EX Quest Zone returns. I have taken the time to outline the songs and their charts in a table below. Now we await Crossing Delta to make its premiere, as well as any information on what additional charts will be added for existing songs. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

PLEASE NOTE: An asterisk "*" denotes the chart is either a Single or Double Performance chart.

Pop SequenceHommarju1100507111518*121922*
Night DutyA.V.14003060914170815

Slapstick Parfait & Paved Garden Charts

 Apr 03, 2021    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Earlier this evening, the official Pump It Up YouTube channel released more videos showcasing two of the songs from the Crossing Delta event. What can only be described as the majority of the charts for Slapstick Parfait and Paved Garden have been uploaded for all to enjoy. One would assume there will be at least another Singles and Doubles chart for both songs, but only time will tell.

Slapstick Parfait
Paved Garden
Slapstick Parfaitt+pazolite160030710161218
Paved GardenGinkiha1870812161317

Harmagedon Charts

 Apr 03, 2021    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

On Friday, the official Pump It Up YouTube channel began uploading step chart videos for songs in the forthcoming update. Harmagedon is set to kick things off and I thought it'd be neat to share all the information we are receiving right here. As of now, the S22 is missing, but I would assume it will be added at a later time given the history of the most difficult charts being uploaded after all the others. I will continue to bring more information regarding this update as it comes out, so please stay tuned for more news. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

HarmagedonHyuN vs Lixound19404061016191321

Pump It Up: XX Ver. 2.06 Full Trailer Released!

 Mar 31, 2021    Crevolous    PIU    Comments

Greetings fellow Pump It Up enthusiasts. Well, we received the full trailer for the next update for Pump It Up: XX a bit early and probably for good reason given tomorrow is April Fool's day. With that said, we have received a little more information regarding the Crossing Delta songs, but not enough other than a couple of charts for each song. Also, it has been verified that despite receiving a unique title card, Night Duty will not have an original background video at this time. However, it will have additional charts with only a new Doubles appearing in the trailer. The last song to appear in this patch is a full version for Moonlight Dance from Pump It Up: PRIME 2. It has been speculated this song may appear and it seems it finally has.

EDIT: Moonlight Dance (Full Song) has been declared as an April Fool's prank and will not be in the upcoming patch. However, Crossing Delta will be the final song added to this update. We will bring you all more information as it comes in the next few days. Look forward to this information appearing in our database just as soon as it comes out. Until next time fellow Pumpers!

StepManiaX March Update

 Mar 30, 2021    Crevolous    StepManiax    Comments

Salutations and greetings fellow Pump It Up enthusiasts. We are still a couple of days away from new information regarding the upcoming patch for Pump It Up: XX. However, as it is the end of the month, a new update for StepManiaX has been released and it is brimming with nostalgia. We have added a table outlining the new content below. What do you think about this update? Are you excited to play it at your local arcade or home setup? Let us know and see you in a couple of days fellow Pumpers!

Baby Love MeJudy Crystal160
Critical HitMDK130
Summer ~Speedy Mix~Smiley185
Temple of LoveE-Rotic147
The Judgement DayNaoki feat. Riyu Kosaka147
Winter -2021 Yahpp Remix-BanYa165
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