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Let It Go. Let It Go.
Posted By: A. DiPasqua | 2/6/2016 4:32:03 PM

Ice to see you. Today's update is a revamp of a Pro 2 song. Frozen by Celldweller is a slow-paced song that has deceptive charts for its difficulties. We've added a chilling half-double that isn't any different. Ranked as a Pro Level 10, it combines runs and bracketing that will freeze you in your tracks. So stop being a Snow Miser and re-download this simfile!

Another From FIESTA EX
Posted By: Crevolous | 2/6/2016 12:40:02 PM

Happy Saturday fellow Pump It Up fanatics. Today we bring you a brand-spanking new simfile for your StepMania collection. Straight out of FIESTA EX is Pavane by V.A. As always, it comes with most of its original difficulties, plus an original Half-Double chart by website contributor, B. Goode. Make sure to download this new and exciting simfile along with its background vide.

Lastly, we have updated Napalm with an original Routine chart that is compatible with Step F2 and StepMania 5. Stay tuned for more content to come!

Don't Smell That Napalm
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/28/2016 2:29:58 AM

Hey there fellow Pump It Up fanatics! Today we bring you a brand new simfile, a couple updated ones, plus some news reguarding the latest patch for Pump It Up: PRIME. First we are pleased to finally present Napalm from Pump It Up: FIESTA. It features all of its original difficulties, plus an Easy and Half-Double original to Pump Pro+. Beyond, "Napalm", we have updated Aliens In Our Midst and Love Eternal from Pump It Up: PRO. The updated simfiles contain original Routine charts written by website contributor, A. Bruno. Make sure to check them out and let us know if you play them.

In Other Site News: Andamiro has released the latest patch for Pump It Up: PRIME. The new patch features four new songs, a handful of charts, and many more mission charts. For more information on the patch, make sure to visit the Official Pump It Up website. You can read more about the update on our official Pump It Up: PRIME ver. 1.13 page as well. Until next time!

Wings, Legs, Thighs and Breasts
Posted By: A. DiPasqua | 1/22/2016 3:07:30 PM
Chicken Wing

We're going to revisit a song from Extra today. Chicken Wing by BanYa was unique in that when it came out it only had two charts. Pump It Up Pro filled out the remaining slots, but the Fiesta mixes added new charts in addition to the original Crazy and Nightmare.

This download is a second version of Chicken Wing that contains these newer charts. As a bonus, we created a new Freestyle chart that would compare to a Double 13-14 in the K-Pump range. Now, get to stepping!

Jump and Get Your Groove On!
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/12/2016 8:23:58 PM
Get Your Groove On

Hello kiddies and grown-ups alike. Tonight we bring a brand new chart for an old classic. We are proud to present to all of you a new chart for BanYa's Get Your Groove On from Pump It Up Rebirth. As always, it comes with its original charts, plus a new Crazy chart written by A. DiPasqua. Check out and let us know what you think! Want to follow us on social media? Then makes sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter.

It's Our Business
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/6/2016 2:52:28 AM
It's My Business

Good Wedesday everyone! Today the Pump Pro+ development team brings you two new-to-the-site simfiles we have been working on for some time. First we bring you G Dragon's Heart Breaker from Pump It Up FIESTA 2. It features a number of charts, plus a new Half-Double that doubles as a performance chart. Our second and last simfile for today is It's My Business from Pump It Up NX2. It too features a number of original charts and a fancy Half-Double written by veteran website contributor, A. DiPasqua. Both simfiles come with their background videos as a separate download. Enjoy these new additions and stay tuned for more!

We've Got Dat "Eye" Candy
Posted By: Crevolous | 12/29/2015 1:32:44 PM
Yeo Rae A

Happy Tuesday fellow Pump It Up fans. We all hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your friends and family and we look forward to wishing you a bright and happy new year. We decided to kick things off and celebrate early by uploading a brand-spanking new simfile to the website.

Our first simfile for today is SID-Sound's Yeo Rae A. It features most of its charts as well as an original Half-Double by website contributor, B. Goode. It also comes with a high-quality background video. Our second and last update for today concerns an older simfile that has new life. We have re-uploaded Sugar Eyes. The new version comes with an original Half-Double, plus the song's s13 chart. Make sure to check both of them out and let us know what you think!

Merry F---ing Christmas!
Posted By: A. DiPasqua | 12/28/2015 9:04:23 PM

Okay, so Christmas was a few days ago. It doesn't mean we still can't celebrate it, right?

We did an update on a recent Christmas-based song called X-Tree. Created by Yahpp, this festive song combines several different yuletide favorites to create a unique piece of work. We already have this song in our database, but we added a Level 12 Half-Double that will have your hands tapping. In addition, we re-rated a couple of the other charts in accordance to their difficulty.

Merry (late) Christmas!

With Apologies To Jimi Hendrix...
Posted By: A. DiPasqua | 12/28/2015 1:04:13 PM
Foxy Lady

How about some Exceed 2?

This one is called Foxy Lady and is performed by Harisu. If the name sounds familiar it's because this artist has allowed songs to be used in the past, such as Rebirth's Temptation. All of the original charts are included, as well as a new Easy chart and a new Half-Double that is unique among charts for this song.

We have more coming for you soon, so download this one in the meantime and wait for more goodies from us.

Hey, We Need A Bee
Posted By: A. DiPasqua | 12/23/2015 11:53:29 AM

Let's do something different today. We go back to a BanYa song from Premiere 3 called Bee. We already feature the original charts on our website for this song. But during this time several new charts were created during Fiesta, Fiesta EX and Fiesta 2 that were not captured.

So, as a result, we bring to you a second simfile containing many of the new official stepcharts for Bee. As an added bonus, we have included a tougher half-double chart than the one found in the original simfile. This half-double combines concepts from several of the singles charts and expands upon them with original patterns and a surprise ending. We think you'll like this one.