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Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.01 Released!
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/20/2017 6:03:34 PM
Pump It Up: PRIME 2 Ver. 1.01

As most of you know, the first update for Pump It Up: PRIME 2 has been released through Andamiro. The patch includes three new songs: Clue, Just Kiddin, and Me Gustas Tu (Full Song) mentioned in one of our previous updates. Because the update just came out, we have made a site article dedicated to the patch noting all its details. It is worth mentioning Andamiro region-locked certain songs that which up to this point where playable. Please see the official Pump It Up website for further details and link to download the update.

Relive the Good Ole Days
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/16/2017 10:17:34 PM

It has been a while since we uploaded a simfile from a mix ten years or older. Today, we have changed our direction slightly and uploaded a simfile from Pump It Up: EXCEED 2 thanks to A. DiPasqua and B. Goode. Our simfile for today is: Banya Classic REMIX. Per usual, it comes with all of its default charts, plus two new ones to fill in the gaps. Also, if you haven't joined in on our social media pages, please visit our Facebook Page and Twitter Account for more updates. Until next fellow Pumpers!

PRIME 2 Update Ver. 1.01
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/14/2017 11:32:46 AM

Pump It Up: PRIME 2 has been out in a few parts of the world for a little now and as such, Andamiro has seen it time to release an update for the game. PRIME 2 version 1.01 is set to release three new songs according to Andamiro's Official YouTube channel. The three songs making their premiere in the first patch are as follows: Clue, Just Kiddin, and Me Gustas Tu (Full Song). The upcoming patch also promises to upgrade DR Command and fix bugs found within the game. Stay tuned for more info as it comes about the new patch.

In Other Site News: After doing some much needed testing, A. Bruno has modified his Half-Double chart for Follow Me. It has been tweaked fixing a couple of spots in the chart which had issues. Also, a UCS file for the song has been uploaded and be played on Pump It Up: PRIME. If you play it, please send us a video!

Do You "Smell" That?
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/13/2017 1:35:44 PM

Do you like chocolate? So do we. Today we give you a new simfile from FIESTA EX that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth. Today's upload is Vospi's Smells Like a Chocolate featuring all of its original charts, plus two new charts that fill in the gaps. Our version comes complete with an original Half-Double written by A. DiPasqua and a Routine written by A. Bruno. Make sure to check them both out and let us know what you think!

Upcoming Events
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/12/2017 3:21:21 PM
Arcade Odyssey Prime 2 Tournament

I have been wanting to promote dance game events on the website for some time as I love supporting the community and events all over the place. With that said, the first event I would like to announce is a small Pump It Up: PRIME 2 tournament down in Miami, FL. The tournament will tentatively take place on Tuesday, January 31st, 2017. It will feature the newest entry in the five-panel dance game series, Pump It Up: PRIME 2. To learn more, please visit the event's Facebook page for further information.

Rumble In the Prairie 9

Rumbled In the Prairie 9. This event will take place between March 24th and 26th in Urbana, IL. The event is set to feature four different ITG tournaments along with a single Pump It Up: PRIME tournament. Make sure to check out their Facebook event page for more information.

Take a Moment To-Day!
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/7/2017 4:48:42 PM
Moment Day

Hello fellow Pumpers! Today our team brings you a new song from Pump It Up: PRIME. This time we have uploaded MAX's Moment Day. It comes with most of its difficulties and fills every level from Easy to Routine. Make sure to check it out along with its background video and send us your thoughts. Until next everyone!

Time to Make a Sweep!
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/2/2017 11:42:28 PM

Because it is a new year we at Pump Pro+ thought it best to do a little cleaning up. What better way than a noisy Vacuum Cleaner to clean up the atrocities of 2016. Today, website contributor A. DiPasqua brings you Doin's remix of "Vacuum" and "Cleaner" from Pump It Up: FIESTA EX. Our version of the simfile comes with all of its original difficulties, plus an original Half-Double as seen in the video above. Want to see more content and join in on the conversation? Then head over to our Facebook Page for tons of goodies.

Do You Smell That Perfume?
Posted By: Crevolous | 1/1/2017 12:34:57 AM
Violet Perfume

Website contributor and mastermind behind the five-panel dance project Rave It Out, Chris Cortes has submitted another one of a kind chart to the site. This time he has made a wonderfully crazy Half-Double for SHK's Violet Perfume. We appreciate Chris's overdue return to the site and hope he will contribute more charts in the future. Our version of the song comes with select charts plus Chris's Half-Double which is a Pro level 12. Make sure to grab it along with its background video and let us know what you guys think!

In Other Simfile News: We are still working on our simfile for Vacuum Cleaner and hope to have it ready later this week. We will keep you all up to date on its progress and send out an update when it is complete. Until then, have a happy and healthy New Year!

Safely Remove Disk0
Posted By: Crevolous | 12/27/2016 12:55:52 AM

We are happy to be back in business and to further celebrate our return to step making, our team has released another simfile from Pump It Up: PRIME. This time A. Bruno and B. Goode collaborated and produced a Pro-based version of Doin's Removable Disk0. As always it contains all of its original charts, plus two new ones: Level 11 Crazy and Level 8 Half-Double. It also comes with a high-quality background video as a separate download. Check it out and send us your thoughts!

In Other News: Our next simfile scheduled to be released will be Doin's Vacuum Cleaner from FIESTA EX. It is slated to have all of its original charts, plus a fresh Half-Double which will have an easier difficulty than its other doubles charts. Keep your eyes peeled as it will be sweeping by soon!

UCS Base Files Added
Posted By: Crevolous | 12/22/2016 5:39:44 PM

Merry Christmas everyone to those who celebrate this magical holiday. Today I have added a new section to the website that is sure to prove useful. I have added UCS base files to the website which can be used to make custom step charts for songs currently on Pump It Up: PRIME. I may go back and add UCS base files for songs found in FIESTA EX and FIESTA 2 if I can get my hands on them. Until then, please check out our list of UCS base files and let us know if you encounter any broken links or errors.

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