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Reality Check, Man!
Posted By: A. DiPasqua | 11/24/2015 1:35:18 PM

Hello, friends. In appreciation for all your support we're rolling out two songs from the Fiesta EX mix just for you.

The first song we have is Reality by SHK. This song has a variety of charts for all skill levels, including an intermediate-level half-double written by B. Goode and A. Smithy with some surprises included.

Our second song is Like a Man by Outsider. The charts for this song are also well-rounded in difficulty but the BPM is significantly faster. We have included a Level 10 Half-Double that uses said BPM to its advantage along with plenty of movement to provide entertainment.

Happy stepping!

Simfile Updates...PIU ZERO
Posted By: Crevolous | 11/21/2015 11:19:00 PM

Hello there beautiful Pump It Up fans! We have received numerous Facebook comments and emails about missing background videos for a number of our songs. I, CREv. sincerely apologize about this...again and will be rectifying the situation over time. To start, I have re-uploaded a few Pump It Up ZERO simfiles starting with the following: Beat of the War 2, Chung Hwa Ban Jeom, Do It Yourself, Emergency, and Enter the Dragon. It is highly recommended to re-download each simfile as they have been cleaned up and re-synced, especially "Enter the Dragon". I will continue with ZERO until it is finished and then move on to PRO after. Stay tuned and thanks as always!

Fire The Canons At Once, D!
Posted By: A. DiPasqua | 11/21/2015 10:27:08 AM
Canon-D (Full Version)

Good news everybody! We've got a bonus song for you today! Canon-D (Full Version) from Exceed 2 is one of the first full-length songs in Pump It Up history and now we bring it to you. A word of warning - these charts are quite difficult. We've added a Level 14 Half-Double to the original charts we put in, but that Half-Double is a walk in the park compared to the simfile's true killer - our first bonafide Pro 17 Nightmare! It's kind of like an unidentified flying object, and it's flying your way!

Happy stepping!

Posted By: A. DiPasqua | 11/21/2015 9:57:42 AM
Come Back To Me

Another song in our Collection needed a little touching up for Perfection, so here goes nothing.

Come Back To Me is one of many songs contributed by Deux over the years. You cannot find it on current mixes, but you can find it on our website. We've taken the original simfile and added two new charts; among them is a Level 11 Half-Double that adds tighter notes to an already tricky song. Have fun with this one, and keep an eye out for more goodies from us.

Remember That 1TYM With Lexy?
Posted By: Crevolous | 11/18/2015 3:17:19 PM

Hello there everyone! The Pump Pro+ Team hopes you are having a wonderful Wednesday. We apologize we have not uploaded anything in a little while in the way of content. To make up for that, we have uploaded a simfile that was requested by one of our Facebook page fans. Today we have uploaded 1TYM Lexy REMIX to the website. Our version of the simfile comes with all of its original charts, plus its S12 Quest chart and a Nightmare chart written by website contributor, A. Bruno. We hope you guys will enjoy this simfile and let us know what you think!

Stay Away from Those "Two Guys"
Posted By: Crevolous | 11/3/2015 1:49:05 AM
Two Guys

Good Tuesday morning Pump It Up fanatics. Even though it is quite early, the Pump Pro+ Team brings a new-to-the-site simfile for your collection. We proudly present Bae Chi Gi's Two Guys from FIESTA 2 with most of its original charts and a new Half-Double. Our version of the simfiles comes with its background video which can be downloaded using a separate link. As always, enjoy and let us know what you think!

"B-I-N-G-O" Updated
Posted By: Crevolous | 10/28/2015 10:40:48 PM

Hello there fellow Pumpers! Tonight we bring all of you an exciting update that is sure to make you a winner. The Pump Pro+ Team has uploaded a revised version of BINGO from Pump It Up Jump! The new version comes complete with a number of charts including a Hard, Crazy, Half-Double, Freestyle, and Nightmare. Make sure to download it and let us know what you think of the new charts. Until next time!

Updated FIESTA 2 Simfiles
Posted By: Crevolous | 10/24/2015 4:05:55 AM

Hello there everyone! Today the Pump Pro+ Team is proud to present three updated simfiles. We have recently stumbled upon new content that will help us improve the quality of current and future simfiles. Our files are Danza Kuduro, Lovumba and One Two Three Go!. All three of the simfiles have been resynced and include high-quality background videos to make the experience complete. Make sure to check them out along with other upcoming content. Until next time, stay tuned and let us know what you think!

Posted By: Crevolous | 10/14/2015 2:49:27 AM

Happy Wednesday morning everyone. Today is the first day of Andamiro's UCS contest for Pump It Up PRIME. Three songs have been selected for the UCS contest. The songs are: The Revolution, Canon-D, and Move That Body (Full Song). All participants in the contest must be registered users on the official Pump It Up website and be level 20 or higher in the game. The contest begins today, October 14th and runs until November 6th, 2015. For all of the official rules and details, please visit the official UCS contest page.

Hayuga Updated!
Posted By: A. DiPasqua | 9/24/2015 3:28:38 PM

We realized that one of our songs in our Collection was not Perfect, so we decided to remedy that.

Hayuga by Taiji Boys is a song that actually has some difficult charts for a song off Perfect Collection. Today's addition brings an Easy chart as well as two even harder charts: a Level 12 Nightmare by A. DiPasqua and a totally unique Level 13 Half-Double by C. Cortes. Hope you enjoy these!